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Miscellaneous Services

  • Miscellaneous Services
    As a tangible goal we are dedicated to the planning, management, administration,
    and recruitment of specialized personnel for specific projects for our clients.

For the Construction Projects of our Clients

We provide our clients detailed services related to the execution of civil works and the construction of large-scale projects; by optimizing resources and completing the details required so that other suppliers can execute their work. This includes: structural support, metallic structures, floors, granite, and windows installation, room divisions, glass masonries, among others.

Construction Services

Civil Works
Electrical Works
Execution Plans and Programs
Priority Action Planning

Construction Details and Finishes

Floor and Granite Installation, etc.
Glass Masonry Anchor
Room Divisions
Cleaning and Removal of Construction Waste
Cleaning of Metallic Structures
Window Protection and Care
Slab finishes, Columns, Beams, Ducts
Management and Delivery Inspection of finished works


Procurement and logistics

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