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Miscellaneous Services

We advise and support our clients in the execution of detail services in civil works and large-scale construction, ensuring the optimization of resources through the completion of required details for suppliers to be able to carry out their work, including: floor and granite installation, room divisions, floor-to-ceiling windows, among others.

As a tangible goal we are dedicated to the planning, management, administration, and recruitment of specialized personnel for specific projects for our clients.

  1. Construction services:
    • Civil Works
    • Electrical Works
    • Execution Plans and Programs
    • Priority Action Planning
  2. Construction Details and Finishes:
    • Floor and Granite Installation, etc.
    • Glass Masonry Anchor
    • Room Divisions
    • Cleaning and Removal of Construction Waste
    • Cleaning of Metallic Structures
    • Window Protection and Care
    • Slab finishes, Columns, Beams, Ducts
    • Management and Delivery Inspection of finished works.
  3. Procurement:
    • Provision and Purchases
    • Logistics

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