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  • We offer High Level Strategy
    We offer specialized professional advisory and strategic business consulting services.
    In order to achieve sustainable growth in the extractive industry in Ecuador
  • We exclusively distribute Fourthane’s products in Ecuador
    Innovative Solutions
  • Mining Services
    APD Proyectos has strategically partnered with MAXMA, a leading services company
    in the Chilean Mining Industry, to jointly offer its services in Ecuador.
  • Now in Ecuador
    Bat Booth® 2.0
    Ecuador is the second Latin American country to offer an integrated solution
    focusing on the health of workers who are exposed to dust particles.
    Our Strategic Alliance allows us to offer comprehensive
    engineering services for infrastructure development and power generation.
    EPC and Logistical Operations.
  • Helping Build and develop
    a Better Country
    By providing strategic advice we help our clients’ grow, consolidate, and develop in Ecuador.
    Operating with environmental awareness and quality

About Us

We have over 13 years of experience in Ecuador with several lines of business; including: advisory and consulting services, project management, miscellaneous services, representations, product distributions, among others.

Our Added Value


We have experience working on national and international projects.


Applying our experience in diverse projects of different scale and magnitude.

Sustainable Development

We assist our clients by implementing strategies that contribute to their business’ sustainable development.

Diverse Projects

We foster synergies and integrate projects required by our clients, such as clean power generation for the development of mining projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We assist our clients in corporate social responsibility matters to obtain an effective social license to operate.

Raising Capital and Financing

Financing advice on investment options for clean energy projects, mining, and biodiversity assets.

Our Services

We put at the service of our clients the real experience and knowledge, product of our successful participation in national and international projects under demanding conditions and of high social and environmental sensitivity.

Specialized Services and Products

In recent years, sustainability has become a critical issue for our society, the energy sector, and extractive industries. These are integrated into the demand and search for local solutions with global effect. The identification of initiatives that support the sustainable development of the countries where they operate is essential within the development plans of extractive projects.


We share our vision with our Clients

We want to be the leading company in Ecuador in high-level strategic advice and lead in the provision of services developed for the extractive industries; specifically for operations in areas of high social and environmental sensitivity.