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We bring to Ecuador a complete solution to protect the health of workers in the country's mining industry.

Low pressure compressed air for the removal of dust particles with temperature measurement monitoring and real-time reporting. Recommended by NIOSH.

The best occupational health solution in mining activity

Dusty work clothes increases a worker’s exposure to respirable dust. Studies have found that once clothes become contaminated, they are a continual dust source until cleaned and create a 10-fold increase in worker dust exposure.

Bat Booth® 2.0 uses high volume, low pressure compressed air to safely clean the contaminated clothing. This method of cleaning takes only 10 - 12 seconds and removes 50% more dust than the commonly used single point air hose method.

Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals Mining and Processing


Bat Booth® appears in the latest National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) Dust Control Handbook for Industrial Minerals Mining and Processing. Bat Booth®’s design is included as one of the best examples of removing dust from personnel clothing thus helping prevent dust related diseases, in particular those caused by silica exposure.

NIOSH, as the most respected health and safety authority in the world and a government agency, doesn’t advertise brands but provides dust control recommendations through presenting the latest and most innovative technologies.

Get To Know BAT BOOTH® 2.0

How does it work?

Offer your workers the best safety feature

Studies have determined that cross-infections and injuries could be reduced by introducing health and protection equipment and systems in the workplace.

Learn more about the characteristics of the BAT BOOTH® powder booths and insure your personnel from occupational injuries and illnesses caused by mining activity.


Infrared sensor

Infrared sensor

Calibrated to measure the occupant's temperature.



The cleaning method takes only 10-12 seconds.

 Low Noise Level

Low Noise Level

Low noise level (70dB) inside the booth.

 Built-in Tablet

Built-in Tablet

It has a built-in tablet for easy operation.

Some Applications of

Industrial Mineral Processing

Silica Processing

Lead Recycling

Metal Refining

Powder Paint Processes

Copper Smelting Operations

Mining Operations

Bulk Processing

Health-Pharmaceutical Industries


Cement Processing Plants

Textile Plants

Construction Sites

Fertilizer Processing

We Are Exclusive Distributors For Ecuador

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Find out how MIDECO BAT BOOTH® 2.0 helps companies in Ecuador.

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