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Strategy Consulting

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We advise our clients on the design, development and execution of strategies that promote client's projects sustained development, taking into consideration stakeholders and those who oppose extractive activities.

We offer strategic positioning, communication, and awareness and education smart-strategies at all levels, which allow our clients to consolidate their assets and efficiently grow their investments in Ecuador.

Strategic advice over political and economic affairs relevant to mining activities in Ecuador.

According to our clients’ needs we promote strategic meetings with relevant stakeholders from the public and private sectors as well as other institutions in the mining and energy business.

Advising clients at the highest levels (CEOs, Country Managers) during meetings and key events. sustainable growth of our clients.

Strategic advising on government affairs, including a vast network available -local authorities at county and provincial levels-.

Strategic assistance for our clients during the contract negotiation processes with key companies.

Experience, Quality and Commitment

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We promote the Sustainable Development of our Clients' Projects

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Barón de Carondelet Oe3-39 Quito, Ecuador

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+593 980683592
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